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Significant Countries for PHP Development

In this article, we will discuss what countries php companies are most popular in. We'll also talk about the php development skills that are needed to be able to work for these companies. Countries such as India and Brazil have a lot of php developers because they speak Portuguese and Hindi respectively. These languages both use php as their main language so it's easy for them to find jobs with php companies located in these countries. For those who don't live in one of these two countries, there is still hope! There are many different kinds of php companies all over the world, some just may require more searching than others if you're looking outside your country!

Every country has different known php companies and therefore each country has different php development skills that need to be looked for. For example, in India php companies mainly look for php developers with knowledge of the Zend framework. In Brazil most php companies are looking for developers who have experience working with Symfony and Laravel frameworks.

In order to get a job at one of these companies you will either need to know some php basics or study more about it's specific language and then go out there and find an opportunity!

- Countries known as popular places for php jobs: India, Brazil, China, Russia

- Skills needed: Knowledge of Zend Framework (India), Knowledge on Symfony/Laravel Frameworks (Brazil)

In Brazil, php is mostly used to make websites with Symfony, Laravel php frameworks.

What are php frameworks?

php frameworks are a set of php code that can be reused when making different websites. Think of it as pre-made php codes for you to use!

In order to get hired by Brazilian php companies, one will need knowledge on Symfony and Laravel php frameworks.


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